Rural Agri Ventures is devoted to India’s development – and therefore committed to reinvigorating its rural and agricultural value chain. We are passionate about investing in high impact, socially responsible and commercially viable businesses which are imperative to promote a peaceful, progressive and prosperous India with a booming rural and agricultural economy.

“We create profitable businesses that serve India and impact the lives of millions.”

  • We Aim To Become One Of India’s Leading and Trusted Rural And Agribusiness Companies Within The Next Ten Years By Revenue, Sectorial Width And Social Impact.
  • We Are Committed To Reinvigorating The Rural And Agricultural Value Chain That Would Seamlessly Lead To A Peaceful, Progressive And Prosperous India.
  • We Are Passionate About Investing In Commercially Viable, Socially Equitable And Highly Impactful Businesses
  • We Aim To Positively Impact Lives Of One Million Indians Over The Next Five Years.
  • We Endeavour To Build A Knowledge Platform Catering To Professionals Across The Agri And Rural Business Industry.

We create value in sun-rise sectors in the rural and agricultural domain. We are committed to setting up new businesses from scratch while growing inorganically by investing in existing scalable, sustainable and impactful businesses which add long term value to the company. We are interested in any product, process or paradigm innovation with a sound business model and a proof of concept that resonates with our core philosophy. We are also open to partnering with buyout and growth capital co-investors who share our vision to transform the Indian rural and agricultural sector, impacting the lives of millions of fellow Indians.


1. Setting up new businesses

We provide growth capital and holistic business solutions to entrepreneurs and senior industry professionals in the rural and agricultural domain who can conceptualize, set-up and lead businesses for us. We will have ownership of the business and, you, as our chief business officer, would have access to good quality capital, a strong business support team and a comfortable monthly salary. Our team is skilled at identifying outstanding entrepreneurs and emerging business opportunities. Are you an industry professional with entrepreneurial dreams, relevant domain expertise and a viable business plan in your core area of expertise? Rural Agri Ventures would like to hear from you. We encourage you to write to us with your business plan:


2. Infusing capital into existing businesses

We provide customized equity finance to businesses with growth potential in the rural, agricultural and food sector.

Some things we look for in businesses:

  • Growth, Scalability & Consolidation Opportunity
  • Capital and Technology Efficiency
  • Strong Business Processes
  • Ethical and Professionally Qualified Team
  • Social Impact


Are you an entrepreneur in the rural & agricultural domain with a sound business model and proof of concept and are seeking investments to scale up? We would like to hear from you. Please write to us at